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Fee-Only Financial Advisors

The Independent and Fee-Only Advisors in Northwest Pennsylvania.

Specializing in comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and small-business advising.

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Our Advisors are fiercely independent and do not earn commissions. The only way we get paid is directly from our clients.


We started this business from scratch because we saw the opportunity to provide a new type of advising. A model that acts entirely in your best interest at all times -- completely independent and refreshingly transparent.

While we are professional portfolio managers, we recognize that people want more than that. We have focused our practice on whole life planning. It is our mission to care for your entire financial wellbeing. 


At times personal finance can be downright stressful. We are here to help you identify your goals and achieve them, so you can focus on the things that matter most.


We address your specific situation and tailor a plan to meet your goals. This isn't an add on for investing. It is our focus to be here to guide you through those tough decisions.


We use low-cost passive investment solutions that are proven to deliver results over the long haul. We are expert portfolio managers who directly oversee your account at all times.

"Built on relationships, not transactions."

Industry Leading Technology

We may be independent but we still work with the best platforms in the industry. All money is held and managed at an established financial institution you can trust.

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Professional Partnerships

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