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Hopefully by now it is no secret that I started this business because I recognized it as my calling. I have been obsessed with investing since I was 12 and once I entered the workforce I realized my desire for independence was more intense than I thought. Finance was, after all, the one area in my life that I felt both naturally skilled, proficiently educated, and highly motivated.

Now that I have stepped through the threshold and strained over the start-up hurdles, I have the amazing opportunity to refine my focus and really serve the people that I want to serve.

For certain I wanted to bring real advising skills to the table. By that I mean a serious focus on the client, their happiness and their desires — investments secondary. I wanted to eliminate the sales pitch, not push products, and having every structure in my firm be built around the client’s best interest. I wanted a service accessible to every person, particularly Millennials where they could get financial planning without investable assets.

As my firm exists today I have accomplished those things. But, it is only the foundation. I realize that I have an opportunity to take this work I love and use it as a ministry — to evolve from a financial planning firm that focuses on building wealth, to a life planning firm that focuses on building God’s Kingdom.

Fortunately, I share this passion with other Christian minded advisors. The ones before me have worked hard to develop a standard and educational training to help advisors like myself increase their skills and deliver better Christian advice. Just a few weeks ago I completed the certification course offered through Indiana Wesleyan University and upon passing an additional exam will become a Certified Kingdom Advisor next year.

It has been a blessing to receive this training and it will be an even greater blessing to

help my clients. God works in mysterious ways. Amen for that.

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