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What We Do



Financial Life


Small Business




Investment Management

The Fee-Only Movement

We started this business because we realized there was a better way to manage client money. Doing it the right way meant starting our own firm using a new model.

  • No sales charges or commissions

  • Low cost investing

  • Customized client portfolios

  • Transparent billing and pricing

We charge an ongoing investment management fee that is withdrawn from the account periodically in perpetuity. This creates an incentive for the advisor to grow the account, earning both them and the client more money.

"When you do better, we do better."

Not sure your portfolio is working in your best interest?

Financial Life Planning

We designed our planning offering around a relationship. That's why we charge using a different method. Our subscription model is a modern solution to an outdated process. Just like your Netflix accounts, for a monthly fee you get 24/7 access to your advisor, regular meetings, digital plan access, and ongoing support as necessary. No more static paper plans, hefty upfront charges, or the stress of hourly rates.


Our version of financial planning is a living, dynamic plan that changes when you do. Contact us for more information or download our sample plan to see more.

Year One as Planning Client

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Small Business Advising

As legal fiduciaries, we are the advisors that small businesses trust most. We specialize in employee education that goes above and beyond your typical advisor email that reads "let me know if any employees would like to meet". We stay engaged with employees through a weekly newsletter and periodic educational videos that add value to your employees. We also take the extra step to meet with every employee and provide input on asset allocation for their account. We ensure that any plan you put in place will be the right fit for the business owner as well as the employees.


401k & 403b

  • Fiduciary Investment Management. Specializing in super compliant plan design.

  • Plan Quoting, Consultation, and Negotiating. Through our independence we are able to work with a current recordkeeper.

  • Implementation and Conversion Management

  • Digital and In-person employee education

  • Annual fiduciary plan review

Simple IRA & SEP IRA

  • Full service administration and investment management

  • Platform provided by TD Ameritrade

  • Plan Design Consultation

  • Annual Compliance Review

  • 24/7 Advisor access and employee education

Entrepreneur Coaching

We get it. We've been there.  We too started our firm from scratch. As professional financial planners we know what it takes to stay on track in those start-up years. 

But we are proud to say the service is more than financial advice.

In our experience the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur is wearing ALL the hats. Not only do you need a plethora of skills but also a support team. At times entrepreneurship can be maddening, but we have navigated the waters and we can help you do the same. We are proud to be your advocate and coach whether it's building your brand, honing your sales pitch, or identifying your perfect niche.

A glimpse at what our coaching can look like:

  • 24/7 support line. Entrepreneurship happens at weird times. We're here to help keep you sane whenever your patience short-circuits.

  • Help organizing corporations and establishing tax id.

  • Financial monitoring including insurance, budget, banking and tax planning.

  • Marketing and brand consulting

  • Negotiation support 

One thing we love about this service is that the process looks different for every entrepreneur. Contact Matt and see how he can help!

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